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What is Outdoor Plantation Shutters? How to get Outdoor Plantation Shutters in Melbourne?


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We hope you are doing well and keeping strong in these difficult times. In this blog, we shall find out all about Outdoor Plantation Shutters in Melbourne.

Do you believe in staying updated with the latest information on products you are about to buy? If yes then this blog is for you. It is the job of experts to curate blogs for customers. At Statewide Outdoor Blinds, we make sure all of you stay updated. Expect 100% transparency here.

Let us now begin:

Outdoor Plantation Shutters are well ahead in the race against blinds, curtains and roller shutters. If you are looking for a new window treatment you must be confused between a few options. If you are presented with options of blinds and outdoor plantation shutters, please go ahead and pick Outdoor plantation shutters in Melbourne.

Here are some of the reasons to pick plantation shutters:

If you are from Southern Australia, you may have a good idea about it. The qualities of outdoor plantation shutters have led to their widespread popularity here. You can also get one. Out of all the very reason for getting these shutters is its aesthetic appeal.

  • Aesthetic appeal-

you bored of your interiors? Don’t you think it is time to jazz up? Are you on a tight budget? Well, there is a way out. Plantation shutters are budget-friendly. One can add a little beauty at home with Outdoor plantation shutters in Melbourne.

  • Insulating Qualities

Insulating qualities of plantations shutters work like a cherry on the cake. It makes your place look beautiful and also regulates the temperature. Are you wondering how does it regulate the temperature? Well, it does so through the process of insulation. With the installation of a plantation shutter, the room will stay warm in winter and cool in summer.

  • Save on Energy Bills 

Imagine a budget-friendly product, looks great and saves your money! That sounds like a product not to miss. Yes, you are right. You should not miss out on that! You should not miss out on Outdoor plantation shutters in Melbourne.

  • Made to Measure

Plantation shutters are one of those shutters that are made to measure. Unlike indoor roller blinds, you do not have to manage with the available sizes only. You can custom make it. Depending on the dimension of your window, you can have plantation shutters ordered.

  • Easy to Install

Plantations shutters are so easy to install. It won’t take much time. All you have got to do is talk to a professional and get the job done within a short time. It won’t be much of a task to get Outdoor plantation shutters in Melbourne and have them measured and installed.

  • Privacy

We all want a level of privacy at home. A home is incomplete without proper security and privacy. With outdoor plantation shutters, you experience a sense of privacy at home. Stay protected and comfortable at home.

  • Light

Plantations shutters are great for light control. It has a structure that allows sunlight but prevents the direct glare of harsh sunlight.

Features of Outdoor Plantation Shutters

In this part of the blog, we shall go through some of the prime features of plantation shutters. Stay put and read till the end:

  • A striking feature of the plantation shutter is that it has tilted louvres. This louvre is used for adjustments. It is used for light control.
  • Another striking feature of Outdoor plantation shutters in Melbourne is that it is mostly made in timbers. There are aluminium options as well. What would you like to go for? Both are great. If you are looking for more warmth then timbers are great. If you are more into products that last longer, aluminium will be a good fit for you.
  • There are no cords and ropes attached to shutters. It is hassle-free. It is more like a door that one can open and close, as required.
  • When you buy plantation shutters, there is not much you have to do. You need a professional installer that’s all. It is pre-hinged. Magnets are placed well. There is absolutely nothing to worry about. With no doubt in mind, you can go for Outdoor plantation shutters in Melbourne.

No matter what you choose, blinds, awnings or shutters, make sure you go through the following points.

Here are some mistakes people often make at the time of purchase:

  • Low Price

Sometimes the low price is too good to be true. Be aware of such pricing policies. You may get the product at that moment. However, it won’t last at all. There will be quality issues needing constant repairing. The next thing you know is you are browsing the internet for another window treatment.

  • Match up With Home Décor

You have found a great piece of window treatment but you do not want to buy it because it does not match perfectly with your home. Have you ever come across such situations? Are you a perfectionist when it comes to adding anything new to home? This may frustrate you! You will miss out on quality products and land up buying something that goes well with the background but is bad in quality.

For neutral options in outdoor blinds and awnings go for zip track. Installations like Ziptrak Awnings in Melbourne do not come in many colours.

  • Too Hefty

Go for sleek and smartly built Outdoor plantation shutters in Melbourne. If it is too hefty, it may be difficult to operate. It may look odd after installation. Buy the latest design to suit your home. You may not get a fine idea of the products if it is Outdoor Plantation Shutters Online. Visit the physical store and see it for yourself. You may order online if you trust the brand.

  • Environmental Concerns 

As responsible citizens, we must buy products that are sustainably sourced. If the manufacturing process is filled with unsustainable environmental practices, you may want to avoid those products.

This was all from our end. We hope our hard work in providing you with authentic information is successful. Statewide Outdoor Blinds is here to help you out with awnings, shutters and blinds.

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